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Speed Analysis

Spend Analysis

  • Take Control of Spend to Manage Costs, Compliance and Risk

  • Monitor spend to identify patterns on which you can act

  • Identify product and service rationalization opportunities

  • Leverage and rationalize suppliers to optimize your supply base

  • Capitalize on purchase price variance savings opportunities

  • Aggregate demand across your organization

  • Monitor and improve supplier payment terms

  • Maintain contract compliance by actively monitoring off contract  spend


​Improve Efficiency, Increase Productivity & Lower Total Cost

  • Demand  Collection:  Supports  aggregation  of  user  requirements  through  and requirement  definition processes

  • Collaboration: Allows teams to work together in a structured way to build  out sourcing events

  • Opportunity  Advertising:  Provides  a  fast  and  easy  way  to  promote  available opportunities to suppliers

  • Auction  Management:  Delivers  robust  auction  capabilities  to  help  drive  additional value

  • Workflow:  Enables  each  procurement  phase  to  be  held  together  by  customer-defined processes


Contract Lifecycle Management:

  • Negotiate and Manage Contracts in a single environment to reduce original risk.

  • Automated Management: Facilitates management of key contractual   information with automatic alerting for important milestones and dates

  • Secure Document Repository: Guarantees important contractual documents  are stored in a secure, central location for easy retrieval and reference

  • Contract Negotiation: Enables you to manage every contract negotiation in  an online audited environment, including track changes and clause  amendments with full version and approval control

contract cycle

Occupational Contour

Supplier Value Management:

  • Delivering Value to Supplier Relationship Management.

  • Supplier  onboarding:  Streamlined  assessment  process to ensure registered suppliers meet requirements.

  • Supplier qualification: Capability assessment for business principles,  category, process and technology

  • Segmentation and risk management: Segment your supply base by  category, risk and perfor mance management to track supplier  performance over time

  • Development and innovation: Supplier development through  improvement and action plans

  • Supplier 360° end-to-end visibility: Comprehensive access and  transparency to accurate and timely supplier events throughout the  procurement process

supplier value


  • Catalog  –  delivers  full Lifecycle catalog management capabilities that drive online shopping.

  • Requests – provides the entry point for requisition of an item of service,  catalog search and approval workflow.

  • Order  Management  –  supports  the  creation,  modification  and  management of all types of purchase orders.

  • Receiving  –  ensures  accountability  and  communication  with  Accounts  Payable of acceptance to pay.

  • Budget – optional feature that aligns purchases with budgets at any or all  levels.



  • Ability to handle PO-based and Non-PO invoices

  • Electronic invoice submission and PO flip

  • Invoice reconciliation (3 way matching)

  • Exception disposition processing

  • Dynamic approval workflow rules

  • Advanced reporting

  • Integration with Accounts Payable



  • Capture, Realize and Report on the Increased Value Generated by Procurement

  • End-to-end Management: Enables you to track all savings, from the initial idea to  final benefit signoff

  • Robust Approval Processes: Guarantees the correct stakeholders from across the  business are consulted for each saving initiative at key milestones, resulting in less  disputes after the fact

  • Flexibility  and  Scalability:  Adapts  to  your  organization’s  unique  needs  while  avoiding expensive software development costs

  • Comprehensive Reporting: Provides robust management reports, with full tracking  of any deviations from plan.


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