Spend Analysis

  • Take Control of Spend to Manage Costs, Compliance and Risk

  • Monitor spend to identify patterns on which you can act

  • Identify product and service rationalization opportunities

  • Leverage and rationalize suppliers to optimize your supply base

  • Capitalize on purchase price variance savings opportunities

  • Aggregate demand across your organization

  • Monitor and improve supplier payment terms

  • Maintain contract compliance by actively monitoring off contract  spend


​Improve Efficiency, Increase Productivity & Lower Total Cost

  • Demand  Collection:  Supports  aggregation  of  user  requirements  through  and requirement  definition processes

  • Collaboration: Allows teams to work together in a structured way to build  out sourcing events

  • Opportunity  Advertising:  Provides  a  fast  and  easy  way  to  promote  available opportunities to suppliers

  • Auction  Management:  Delivers  robust  auction  capabilities  to  help  drive  additional value

  • Workflow:  Enables  each  procurement  phase  to  be  held  together  by  customer-defined processes


Contract Lifecycle Management:

  • Negotiate and Manage Contracts in a single environment to reduce original risk.

  • Automated Management: Facilitates management of key contractual   information with automatic alerting for important milestones and dates

  • Secure Document Repository: Guarantees important contractual documents  are stored in a secure, central location for easy retrieval and reference

  • Contract Negotiation: Enables you to manage every contract negotiation in  an online audited environment, including track changes and clause  amendments with full version and approval control


Occupational Contour

Supplier Value Management:

  • Delivering Value to Supplier Relationship Management.

  • Supplier  onboarding:  Streamlined  assessment  process to ensure registered suppliers meet requirements.

  • Supplier qualification: Capability assessment for business principles,  category, process and technology

  • Segmentation and risk management: Segment your supply base by  category, risk and perfor mance management to track supplier  performance over time

  • Development and innovation: Supplier development through  improvement and action plans

  • Supplier 360° end-to-end visibility: Comprehensive access and  transparency to accurate and timely supplier events throughout the  procurement process



  • Catalog  –  delivers  full Lifecycle catalog management capabilities that drive online shopping.

  • Requests – provides the entry point for requisition of an item of service,  catalog search and approval workflow.

  • Order  Management  –  supports  the  creation,  modification  and  management of all types of purchase orders.

  • Receiving  –  ensures  accountability  and  communication  with  Accounts  Payable of acceptance to pay.

  • Budget – optional feature that aligns purchases with budgets at any or all  levels.



  • Ability to handle PO-based and Non-PO invoices

  • Electronic invoice submission and PO flip

  • Invoice reconciliation (3 way matching)

  • Exception disposition processing

  • Dynamic approval workflow rules

  • Advanced reporting

  • Integration with Accounts Payable



  • Capture, Realize and Report on the Increased Value Generated by Procurement

  • End-to-end Management: Enables you to track all savings, from the initial idea to  final benefit signoff

  • Robust Approval Processes: Guarantees the correct stakeholders from across the  business are consulted for each saving initiative at key milestones, resulting in less  disputes after the fact

  • Flexibility  and  Scalability:  Adapts  to  your  organization’s  unique  needs  while  avoiding expensive software development costs

  • Comprehensive Reporting: Provides robust management reports, with full tracking  of any deviations from plan.


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